Clickers Meet Up Plans

As most of you know our very own “Flying gardener” came over for a wee visit to Northern Ireland, which was wonderful. In amongst all the chat and laughter, and there was a great deal of that, we actually had time for a further, brief, discussion on a major “clickers meet up”, something we have been wondering about for a while.

After further discussion, we are going to target the Cardiff show for our first GC meet – dear help Cardiff. At the minute, Hayley (Hayleyagora), Allan (RonValley), Lizzie (GoneWest) and I all hope to be there. Sheila (Beanstew) and Duncan are a little uncertain of their plans at the minute, but I’m hoping they might also be able to come. It would be great if as many Clickers as possible could get there.

Present details are:

Cardiff Show Friday 11th to Sunday 13th April 2014

All available Clickers to meet up on the Saturday, time and location will be organised nearer the time when the layout of the Show is announced.

So come on who’s up for it?

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  1. gertie says:

    Wonderful idea and a distinct possibility for me :good: :rose: …as soon as I know exactly when the school breaks and Easter plans tentatively made already, do not clash with my wishes!!

  2. NorthernTeacher says:

    Yes, I’d love to meet everyone there, too :good: Not sure at this stage how I’ll manage it but put my name down :yes: 🙂

  3. gibbon says:

    bad news folk, I may be able to make it, :negative: 🙁

  4. Walt says:

    I throw my hat in 😉

  5. bizzylizzy says:

    better get cracking on the welsh cakes then :yes: :good:

  6. Allan says:

    Same here. :yes: :yes:

  7. flowerpotlynn says:

    I will try very hard to make it, wouldn’t want to miss a chance to catch up with everybody :yes:

  8. dixon says:

    This beancan has never been to Welsh Wales. :scratch:

  9. Allan says:

    Don’t know what you have missed Dix. :yes: :yes:

  10. Hayleyagora says:

    Good to hear you are up for a meet clickers…brave peeps indeedy :whistle: :heart:

  11. VegVamp says:

    Yea, lots already, excellent, :good:

  12. dandlyon says:

    Anyone thinking of rail travel book to Cardiff Central then just a 10 minutes walk to Bute park.The train I travel on from Newstreet B’ham starts out from Nottingham if thats useful to anyone

  13. cilla says:

    Well folks, OH was driving us to Dunelm this morning and I mentioned that the GC’s were meeting up at Cardiff Flower Show………his reply was ” That’s okay, we can go to Cardiff for a couple of nights and I (he) will amuse myself looking round Cardiff on Saturday!”……….. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  14. NorthernTeacher says:

    I’ve just been looking up the Cardiff Show and I see it’s an RHS show. I’m not a member but public tickets are available from December 1st. If this is definitely on, I’d like to buy my ticket in advance. Should I? 🙂 🙂

  15. cilla says:

    I was looking as well Jane. Sometimes with advanced booking you have to pay a booking fee but I haven’t checked that. I wonder how many people will be staying overnight as well, and where. Questions, questions!

  16. Allan says:

    You can buy them on line Jane/Cilla, I get mine about a month or two before. I think it works out cheaper prebooking.

  17. NorthernTeacher says:

    I think it said £8.50 entry but there’s a £2 booking fee for non-members and maybe postage. Not too bad 😉 Both the bus station and train station are very close (as previously mentioned by Tony). I will have to stay Fri and Sat night and will probably use the bus, changing in London (much cheaper than the train).

  18. cilla says:

    When we know more about who is going we can try and get accommodation together or close by.

  19. dixon says:

    Sorry gang, I’ve been informed by a higher authority it clashes with something else, I won’t be able to make this one sorry, I had the accommodation sorted to.

  20. dandlyon says:

    Re tickets booked mine on line for both of my visits,then you can just walk in without waiting in a queue,and you know you are going to be able to get in.This year for Gardeners World live at the NEC it was a sellout and no tickets on the day.

  21. blueclematis says:

    I will be there xxx

  22. cilla says:

    This is getting exciting. Is Cardiff ready for this I wonder. 😉 :whistle:

  23. dandlyon says:

    Check mickyps gallery Cardiff spring show for a few of last years pectures

  24. karenp says:

    well i,m going to look into it too now, will have to see about holidays with work though, shall definitely try, hubby said i can get a train direct from Southampton :yahoo: :yes:

  25. karenp says:

    just looked online, train prices seem ok, but bit confused as 3 different locations on the train to Cardiff, would it be Cardiff central i,d be going to, and do hope your prepared for someone who has no sense of direction and never goes anywhere out of Southampton without my tom tom :wacko:

  26. AliCat says:

    I am hoping to say yes :yes: , but I wont know for until closer to the date……if not then Malvern will be on my list :good:

  27. Allan says:

    Karen it is Cardiff central you want. :good:

  28. karenp says:

    have now put my holiday request form in, so now have to wait to see :scratch:

  29. cilla says:

    Fingers and everything else crossed Ali and Karen, do sooooo hope you can come. :yes:

  30. Hayleyagora says:

    Ooooo some more takers on the meet up, exciting!! :yahoo:

  31. karenp says:

    still waiting for holiday request form that went in, they dont hurry back ever with a reply useless lot, so i,ll have to be patient :scratch:

  32. karenp says:

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: got my confirmation back so i can meet up too :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  33. NorthernTeacher says:

    Just booked my ticket for The Show online for Saturday :yahoo:

  34. Hayleyagora says:

    That’s brilliant Karen :yahoo: and Jane :yes:

  35. gertie says:

    Did mine yesterday too, for Saturday…sorted :good:

  36. karenp says:

    have now just purchased my ticket for Saturday too :yes: 🙂

  37. cilla says:

    Printed my ticket off too. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  38. Hayleyagora says:

    Wooo hoooo Cilla :yahoo:

  39. Allan says:

    Bought mine today.£2 Postage, 😥 😥

  40. dandlyon says:

    Think I will order my tickets tonight before they are sold out :yes:

  41. dandlyon says:

    Ticket booked,no price change from last year

  42. Walt says:

    Tickets ordered, just need to find somewhere to park now. :scratch:

  43. Hayleyagora says:

    This is going to be one great party all :rose: Well done Al, Tony and Walt :good:

  44. gonewest says:

    OK, got my ticket booked for Saturday. Nearly forgot about that having decided to come. But I’m kind of glad I did so that I chose Saturday when it seems from here most people are going. I’ll be making it a day trip since I’m only about and hour and a half away. Just need to decide whether to drive or use the train.

  45. dandlyon says:

    This year will have an open return just in case I need to travel back Sunday,its normaly a day trip for me just 2hours by rail from Brum,but like the boy scouts will “Be Prerared” :good:

  46. Ginnybean says:

    I hope to be there…… Just got to check my shifts as we have a rolling rota….. If it clashes will just have to swap……. Also hope to go to Malvern….. Where will we meet…..

  47. Hayleyagora says:

    This is great! Well done, Lizzie, Tony and GinnyB! :good:

  48. mickyp says:

    i will organise the seats !!!

  49. dandlyon says:

    Mick if everyone turns up extra seats and tables will be needed,they were in short supply last year.You doing anything there Mick?

  50. mickyp says:

    tony ….. thats how i can organise the seats !!

  51. dandlyon says:

    Well done Mick Merry Christmas :yahoo:

  52. cilla says:

    Merry Christmas Mick. :heart:

  53. Allan says:

    Merry Christmas all. :yes: :yes:

  54. mickyp says:

    have a good en clickers ……….

  55. Beanstew says:

    Read through this post and all its many entries, and phoned my brother last night. Most helpfully, he lives in Chepstow, approximately 30 miles from Cardiff – and was eventually prompted enough to say, “Why don’t you come down and stay with us in April?” So folks, it looks as if I could be there with you, which I would love to do. Now all I need are directions from Cardiff Central to the show. Its many years since I was last in Chepstow – hope it is still part of the railway network? I don’t expect Duncan to make it, as he is in thrall to a really charming woman (another computer geek!), and can barely tear himself away….. and he will be working too.

  56. cilla says:

    Fantastic Sheila. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  57. NorthernTeacher says:

    Got my return bus ticket to Cardiff :good:

  58. karenp says:

    :yahoo: :yahoo: Have booked my train ticket now just hope I don’t get lost when I get there, shall be looking up the maps on the area on google before though :scratch:

  59. karenp says:

    train tickets arrived so safely put away with the Cardiff ticket :yes: 🙂

  60. Beanstew says:

    Can anyone advise me as to the best rail route to Chepstow, Mon from Glasgow? It must be more than 40 years since I last did it by train, and I have a feeling I went down changing at Crewe to Newport, and travelled back to Chepstow? My brother seems to think I will be going to Bristol and coming back via the Severn Tunnel – and Gloucester also springs to mind? Am watching the Rail Track website for cheap tickets like a hawk – but which one?

  61. dandlyon says:

    Sheila the first time I went to Cardiff spent hours on the rail web site ,then went to local station and asked the old guy there, he must have sold tickets for the rocket,gave me cheapest route and no train changing plus a list of times there and back,and you can ask questions

  62. Walt says:

    Glasgow Central to Chepstow with a change at Birmingham New Street (albeit rather long) is the one I would go for. Leaves GC at 0800 arrives Chepstow 14.50.

  63. Beanstew says:

    I have taken your advice Walt, and have booked this train down at a very reasonable cost (for modern train fares) – but when I tried to book a similar ticket for returning, I nearly fell off my seat – almost 4 times as much. But will wait a few days and try again – they only seem to release the cheap tickets a few days at a time – or may look out some beguiling hitch-hiking gear in case……. Anyway, that’s me sorted.

  64. NorthernTeacher says:

    See you there, Sheila :good:

  65. karenp says:

    It’s all very exciting and looking forward in meeting you all there too :yahoo:

  66. Hayleyagora says:

    Oooo just seen you’re coming too Karen, yippeee!! :yahoo:

  67. Beanstew says:

    Just wondering if it would involve an awful lot of work to send an email to people who have not been on the website recently, to let them know about the meet-up, and the fact we are getting together? I would happily take on some of this work if I had some email addresses, but don’t know if this is allowed under data protection? Could destroy the info after use, and carry a cyanide pill in case of capture by enemy agents – what do you all think?

    • VegVamp says:

      Sorry, email addresses cannot be revealed Sheila, so no need for you to carry a cyanide pill about – perish the thought. :wacko:
      As H and J have said, a PM could always be sent. :good:
      Or if there is anyone in particular PM me, I can always send an email from the system.

  68. Hayleyagora says:

    Sounds like a very good plan to me Sheila :good: I guess we could always PM them and quote the link to the blog?

  69. cilla says:

    Quite a few are on Facebook…….Phil D, MV, and a few others whos click name I have forgotten. I did wonder the same thing myself.

  70. NorthernTeacher says:

    If we send any a pm through the messages here, they will get an email in their private email. Sheila, maybe you want to trawl through the member’s list and see who is there (MV is, for example) so that we don’t duplicate. You could then put the names on here to say who you’ve contacted and then others can contact anyone else they have an address for.

    • Beanstew says:

      As I mentioned on Clicks, I haven’t been getting any emails for months from our website – although I used to get them everytime someone left me a pm or commented on a blog etc – and I don’t know how general this is. I may inadvertently have done something which turned them off – its entirely possible! But if it is happening to others as well as me, it may not be an effective way to contact people – and the effort would be wasted. Perhaps our dear techie geek Karen could give us some guidance.

      • gertie says:

        Some of us are still in the group on FB. I rarely visit the site but there are peops on there who could get the message. I’ll see who is if you like. :unsure: :rose:

  71. Beanstew says:

    Have just found 182 messages from gardenclickers in my spam (she whispers). Why did the messages suddenly start going there? As these are automatically deleted after 30 days, there must have been many more. How can I adjust things, so that they come to my In-box as they used to do? My spam box is not immediately visible and I have to click on a downward arrow to find it – so needless to say, “out of sight, out of mind”.

  72. Hayleyagora says:

    Some of my messages go into SPAM too Sheila, I think it may be a problem with your e-mail, they have probably applied a new filter and your GC notifications are being interpreted as SPAM. You could turn off your SPAM filter but I wouldn’t recommend that. I usually check my notifications when I log on, which at present, seems a more reliable way of answering clicks and posts.

  73. Beanstew says:

    Have just realised that this day will provide an opportunity for real social calamity to me. I am hopeless at remembering names if I meet more than a couple of new people at a time – and the added difficulty of juggling webnames with real names will be even more problematic. So if I look vacant, confused, or just plain embarrassed – please understand and introduce yourself again.

  74. cilla says:

    Certainly will….err what was your name again? 😉 I rather think that will be a universal clicker problem. I bump into people I have known for years and years and their name totally disappears from my head……doubly embarassing if you have to introduce them to OH! :unsure: :wacko:

  75. dandlyon says:

    Should add to the day I have the same problem with new people and names :scratch: The day is not so far away now :yahoo:

  76. flowerpotlynn says:

    If its not too much like playschool perhaps discreet name badges?

  77. karenp says:

    so glad i,m not alone with the name thingy, and nothing wrong with the name badges, the thing i,m looking forward to is all the different accents as i,m a true hampshire hog (so i,ve been told) :unsure: :wacko: :wacko: and i love to hear other accents too :yes:

  78. gibbon says:

    the nicest I have come across was in Devon, I got talking to a couple of local men, and was invited to go ferreting the next day with them, to come to the point they lost a ferret, or at least it stayed down the hole so Charle put his ear to the hole anounced it’s hear not far down this hole and procided to put his arm down the hole to get hold of the ferret, when he let out :scratch: a grunt and his mate said have he he Chale the answer was no but he bagger got I,

  79. Daffy Gardener says:

    Tickets ordered for the show – will get train tickets at the end of the month :good: Look forward to meeting all there.

  80. flowerpotlynn says:

    Hubby has decided to join me/us on our meeting up, think this might be a ploy to curb my possible spending :unsure: hopefully i can still get a ticket :yes:

  81. Hayleyagora says:

    Wonderful to hear you can make it Paula :good: and Mr Flowerpotlynn too! Guess we ought to do a headcount soon :heart: It’s only 8 weeks away now :yahoo:

  82. Allan says:

    Tickets are taking a long time to arrive, Ordered them last November. :yes: :yes:

  83. dandlyon says:

    Good news to day my allotment friend Joan is thinking of traveling with me to Cardiff,she does not have a PC but I keep her up to date on most things that happen on clickers

  84. Allan says:

    More the merrier :good: Tone,

  85. karenp says:

    Arghhhh !!!! just checked the rail times as heard there is works soon to be carried out at weekends and now have at least 2 changes to do, will have to phone them nearer to the time to get times confirmed and platform numbers as i,m useless at this :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

    • cilla says:

      What a pain indeed Karen. Just ask, people that do it every day will be able to help you and (not that I’m a seasoned train traveller) I think there are magnetic signs up telling you where the platforms are.

  86. Hayleyagora says:

    Oh Karen that’s a pain my lovely :negative: I haven’t decided whether to drive or use the train as yet. :unsure:

  87. karenp says:

    i,ve calmed down now B-) and hubby said the same Cilla just ask someone, so i,ve got to be more positive, i was tempted Hayley to drive too but thought i,d let the train take the strain as they used to say in the advert :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :scratch:

  88. dandlyon says:

    Good news for Cardiff purchased my return ticket for the Saturday, going from Birmingham New Street by Crosscountry rail £42.60 thats £12.00 cheaper than last year.My bus pass covers rail travel from my local station to Birmingham.Booked at local station just asked for the best deal,better than online and no hassel

  89. karenp says:

    That’s a good price Tony, mines a good price, just that when I booked the ticket there was no prewarning that network rail has decided to do work on some of the local lines at weekends leading up to and over our weekend :wacko:

  90. dandlyon says:

    Heard this afternoon that our allotmemt secretary and his good lady are going to Cardiff on the Saturday,they’re not clickers yet but I’m working on it.This looks like being quite a meet up,just 5 weeks to go

  91. mickyp says:

    had the all clear yesterday , ive got the seats organised at cardiff ! if your interested that is …. 12.00 noon in the talks theatre ….. doing a talk on a few subjects … you can eat your dinner & have a cuppa at the same time !

  92. bizzylizzy says:

    thank you mr p your a star :good: :yes:

  93. Hayleyagora says:

    Seats Micky? How many? There’s a good few here :good:

  94. karenp says:

    sounds good mick :good:

  95. mickyp says:

    at least 60 ……

  96. cilla says:

    Looking forward to it Mick. :good: :good:

  97. gertie says:

    Have just been pointed to this…bravo and thanks Micky. :yahoo:

  98. blueclematis says:

    I am getting really excited at the thought of meeting all of you :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  99. karenp says:

    me too not long now :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  100. dandlyon says:

    Hi gang another lady from our allotment site will be joining us at Cardiff names Ann she visits local shows with Joan ,looks like us men could be out numbered :scratch:

  101. NorthernTeacher says:

    Cardiff ticket arrived today :yahoo: good news about the seating and talks, Micky :good:

  102. Allan says:

    And mine, :good: :good:

  103. Beanstew says:

    And mine! Will be bringing my brother from Chepstow, and am relying on a clickers’ charm offensive to get him to join our site. He does grow veg and fruit, so should fit right in.

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