Cardiff Meet Up Details

I was more than a little concerned about poor MickyP trying to do his talk over all us lot at the show so have had a chat with him and the other moderators and we have come up with the following.

Meet up on the Saturday (12th) 1130-1145 at the Chrysanthemum Direct exhibition, usually in Floral Marquee 1. From there we can then head over to Mick’s talk in the Talks Theatre, which starts at 12 noon. If anyone misses the initial meet they will know we will be at Mick’s talk till around 1pm. I’m very aware that some will be travelling on the day, so don’t want them to miss out. Many thanks to Allan for his help sorting this, his knowledge of the show was invaluable.

Mick also said “anyone interested in my talk they can eat & drink while I talk & do my demo” Isn’t he a star.

I hope that will work for everyone but if you see any glaring problems, please let me know.

Thought it might also be useful to do a quick round up of  those hoping to be at Cardiff. So far I have identified the following clickers as going to our meet up. Apologies if I have missed anyone, and I probably have, please say and I’ll add your name. I haven’t included partners/spouses/friends etc, as I had enough trouble with just us lot. 😉

  1. Alicat
  2. Allan
  3. Gertie
  4. BizzyLizzy
  5. BlueClematis
  6. Cilla
  7. Daffy Gardener
  8. Dandlyon
  9. FlowerPotLynn
  10. Gibbon
  11. GinnyBean
  12. Gonewest
  13. Hayley
  14. KarenP
  15. MickyP
  16. Northern Teacher
  17. Sheila
  18. Simon
  19. VV
  20. Walt

Map of Show from BizzyLizzy, thank you Lizzy.



Please note this is the map of last year’s show! It is likely to be the same layout this year, but there is a chance it may not be. You should get a map at the entrance on the day.

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  1. dandlyon says:

    Will have to catch you later my train arrives at Cardiff Central 11.30am will be in show ground just before 12 00

  2. karenp says:

    Soooo excited now, my train arrives at 10.45 so should be able to make the meet up at 11.30, shall have to download a map of the show too, all sounds well organised :good:

  3. cilla says:

    Thanks for that info Karen and Allan. :good:

  4. flowerpotlynn says:

    Can’t wait :yahoo: :rose:

  5. Beanstew says:

    Do you think maybe I should hire a piper in full kit to march in front of me as I approach the Chrysanthemum Exhibition? – to give the occasion the importance it deserves.

  6. gibbon says:

    handy car parks would be usefull please.

  7. Yewbarrow says:

    excited for you just reading about it – could we have amassive blog when you all get back so we can enjoy – told OH we’re coming on the next one (and there will be a next I am sure) if his other knees gone by then I’ll put him in roller boots and a lead – ha ha !

  8. NorthernTeacher says:

    All looking good on here 🙂 Thanks for sorting out the ‘meet’ to all concerned :rose:

  9. karenp says:

    Great to have the map (thanks lizzy) but where would the great pavilion be and will there be signposts for dummys like me, can see the talk area which I take to be the talk theatre, so glad you put the map on as also will give me some idea of the layout of the park :good:

  10. gibbon says:

    reddy, never mind I as my mother used to say I’ve got a toung in my head, :rose:

  11. gibbon says:

    not only am I lost I have lost the first part of what I said, hay ho,

  12. karenp says:

    Exactly what my hubby says Cliff :scratch:

  13. Ginnybean says:

    Well I have been shopping for our packed lunch ready for tomorrow….. Thanks for the map etc…. Getting very excited now….. Got to decide what to wear now….. Will check out the car parking in a mo… Bet we get there via a different route…. We seem to go a different route each year….. Makes it interesting, still as long as we get there….. that’s the main thing…… Early night tonight……

  14. gonewest says:

    Had a brief panic about my online ticket this morning. I’d left it attached to its email so I couldn’t lose it. But when I came to print it out, it printed everything coloured, but none of the main details printed in black! :unsure: Thought it can’t be my ink I only changed it two days ago. But it seems I have a duff cartridge. Forwarded it to Beloved at work and he printed it out for me. All he has to do now is remember to bring it home for me. Decided I’ll come by train since it takes about the same amount of time and I won’t have to sit around in a traffic queue or trying to park. Plus maybe I can still natter with anyone I might get on the homebound train with. It’s looking like the weather may be ok too. Exciting.

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