Holiday in Montpellier, Arrival ….. An Arbour Tale

Holiday in Montpellier, Arrival

An Arbour Tale

When the Teds arrived they found a Pads newcomer waiting to meet them.


It is Dani the Alpine marmot, and she has big, front teeth!


The little group soon installed themselves on the shelf above the chimney, where it was warm.


Percy and Spike were fascinated by some little silver birds that reflected different colours as they slowly spun round …..


…. And as they watched, Dani told them tales about the snowy Alpine slopes where people came to ski during the winter holidays.


One day they visited a big shop called Baobab, where little mice lived in cages and snuggled in tiny pads, rather like some of those at Crystal Palace.


Out in the front garden Dani found a toy cart which had been left to get wet in the rain, and she brought it in and dried it.

“Come and see what I found!” she cried to the others.


Percy flew over first, on MC1.


Then the other Teds quickly followed and took turns in climbing onto the cart, whilst Dani tried to pull them along. It was heavy work!




Little Dani was getting very tired, but she wouldn’t give up…..

….even though Pedro offered to take a turn!





Teds thoroughly enjoyed gadding about in that cart…..


…..Harrison gave them presents …..


With a special orange box of TicTacs for the gallant Dani, who was wearing an orange bonnet to match!


Out in the garden pretty, blue violets bloomed in the ground…..


….. whilst less attractive plants and critters started to wake up in the sunshine.




Look at its little face and mouth!!

IMG_8717 mm

Indoors, Teds played on the kitchen table, and watched Granddaughter and Granny making woven elastic loon bracelets.


Anne ….. End of February, 2015.

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  1. cilla says:

    It looks like a good time was had by all. Your grandchildren must really look forward to your visits. :yes:

  2. gertie says:

    I certainly look forward to seeing them…it was really lovely Cilla :heart: …if [dare I say] a tad exhausting at times :rake: !!
    More chapters to come soon ….. :rose:

  3. gibbon says:

    lovely’ I get on well with snails, and love to be in their company, I have spent a lot of time teaching them how to fly over the years, funny I never seemed to get the time to teach them landing, never thought about it to be honist.

  4. gertie says:

    These snails are big and flat-shelled Cliff, and having only before seen them as empty, white fossils, I was surprised at the brown colour….. and the critter itself a blue-black colour :yahoo: There were a lot about :wacko:

  5. dixon says:

    Escargot. 🙂

  6. gertie says:

    I once saw giant, fat, round snails crawling about in a wooden box, outside an African grocer shop in Rue Dodouville [sp?] in Paris, really, really big ones :rake: …and they moved :harvest: horrors!! never forgotten them. these were cute by comparison :rose: 😆

  7. shedsue says:

    Colourful as ever Anne :good: ….Dont get any ideas about installing mice and chucking the Teds out though. Sacre bleu 😉 ………….PS. those loom bands are so tiny :rake:

  8. gertie says:

    Teehee Sue :heart: :rose: ….. I have worn mine ever since Matilda Rose made it … proud granny :yahoo:
    Love to Shedted :rose:

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