Holiday in Montpellier, Settling ….. An Arbour Tale

Holiday in Montpellier, Settling

An Arbour Tale

Looking down into the back garden the next day, mimosa shone bright in the morning sun. Little trays of seeds, planted by Matilda Rose, stood, hopefully germinating, next to a large pot of sprouting hydrangeas, around which we had also planted some well-soaked ranuncula corms.


Teds played with a helicopter in the front room …..


Outside in the front garden, clustered buds of mahonia were bursting into yellow flowers.



Some of the leaves were glowing flame colours in the sun shine.




Amongst a mystery variety of shrubs, violets kept on blooming in the ground.


Ice no longer made a lid over the gold fish troughs and the gold and creamy fishes swam around happily.



There was also a large, flowering bay tree… wow! I’d not seen their flowers before.


Teds had found out that they were staying longer than they had first thought, and they were itching to get out into the garden to play. That evening a hazy moon presaged rain, and it rained a little in the night.


Percy Ted had become a firm favourite of one of the small boys, and was taken off to snooze the night away in a tall bed on stilts, which he thoroughly enjoyed!


In the, morning he was left with his Ted friends whilst the boys went to school.



Anne ….. March, 2015

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  1. gonewest says:

    A couple of weekends ago I saw mimosa blooming in a garden in Bridport. And the mahonia scent as I walked into school in the sun and warmth today was wonderful. :good:

  2. gertie says:

    :bye: Lizzie :rose: I think that this garden was originally planted by an English gardening enthusiast, and altho’ now run down, has many lovely, familiar plants and shrubs in it, not all suitable for the south…ie hydrangeas :rake: but hey :unsure: For me , it holds great promise and I know that when he can find the time s-i-l will do well with it. :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    The yellow flowered shrub above the violets looks like Coronilla glauca, a lovely scented pea like flower which blooms all winter. We have two now. Looks a lovely garden Anne. A dear little pond. :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Gee thanks Cilla :rose: I was hoping that someone would enlighten me :wacko: names! :rake:
    It is lovely even tho’ rather neglected at the moment :yes: …and there are two little ponds :yahoo:

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