Will We, Won’t We? ….. An Arbour Tale

Will We, Won’t We?

An Arbour Tale


Spike is getting all excited about going to Montpellier with some Ted friends. Teds were popped into Anne’s flight case, ready for the journey. That was a Monday in the middle of February!


“We could take some flowers,” said Percy to Pedro


” No point in that,” muttered Spike to Potter. “They have lovely flowers in the south of France; and anyway, we couldn’t take them on an aeroplane, it’s not allowed I don’t think.”


Meanwhile at the Pads, Loppilugz is showing his new T-shirt to Melvin. They are sitting up on a balcony relaxing, happy to be back from their travels; Loppilugz from Normandy, and Melvin from Switzerland, after seeing his friend, Murdok there. They have stories to exchange.


Down below the balcony, Sheldon is sporting his own, new T-shirt which goes beautifully with his yellow titfer.


Fairy Ted, Merlin, is tickle-chuffed that more Teds are sporting T-shirts like his.


Ursula Ted has a green one, and look at Bixey in pink of a different kind!


Bixey loves her new T-shirt, “But look! I’ve kept my original one to wear when I want to, because I like pink. ” she said, holding it up for the others to see.

Little Tot and Petal, were very impressed, and Little Tot wondered if they might one day have alternative T-shirts, too. Petal like wearing her chain necklace; maybe she could find something extra for her small, furry friend, Tot Ted.


Around the busy Pads, where new lodgings were being found and decorated, new Teds were wearing their New Year scarves and hats, and trying on Easter bonnets.



It was lucky that the Teds had all these distractions as the trip to France seemed to be receding, whilst little Jojo was still so poorly.



They were ready for Spring ….. but Spring wasn’t yet ready for them.


Those lucky Teds did, however, eventually reach Montpellier and had a wonderful holiday which stretched over the initial few days into over a week!


On their return they found that the postman had delivered more beautiful hats, scarves and covers to keep them warm in a chilly spring sunshine.





“Happy Bunny” Anne …..March 2015

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