More Pres Garden

More Pres Garden


As presaged by last night’s hazy moon, it’s cold, wet and windy out there today, and after a tentative looksee, I gave up and came indoors, eventually donning my cosy teddy suit! Not, however, before I had spotted more little gems in the garden’s wet grass, and determined to pot up some of those delightful, little violets.





At last a plant [under the forsythia] that I cannot name, has little florets on it, and gradually the forsythia is bursting into yellow clouds of colour, though I fear it may have been over-zealously trimmed at the wrong time last year, as the flowers are not as prolific as I had imagined that they would be. Maybe it is still too cold.







Red dogwood that I pruned late last year is now in bud, although I am frankly surprised that here, on the hillside, Winter lingers a little more at the Pres than in the tiny micro-climate of Gertie’s Garden.



Later I ventured out to snap the trees blowing in the wind and it’s actually warmer than I expected ….. -Warm, wet, westerly winds in Winter- is a mantra I remember from school-days’ Geography…and despite the date, that seems to be what we have today!




That was Sunday …..


Happy Birthday Jann Louis xxxxx

Today, sun has been shining all morning and the wind is still warm. Looking through the bedroom window, as has become the custom, I watched crows and pigeons and listened to smaller, more tuneful varieties of birds, including a little wren which had ventured high up to the roof! The grass was pleasantly green.


IMG_0709cm IMG_0712m


After another try to post a parcel, which was eventually successful, I came back to the Pres garden, via some pink blossom that I couldn’t resist photographing …..



… then willow, lovely at any time of the year, in Spring it glows even more.



The River Noireau was running very high, and I watched a pair of mallards fly upstream, settle, then gently drift down again, together.

It’s Spring.



Home again, and just look at that sky!





Next time I will find more pictures of the surrounding countryside in “A Normandy Garden of France”


Anne ….. 30.03.2015.


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  1. dixon says:

    Amazing how far in front the plants and trees seem to be compare to here gertie.
    The two ducks would have been a good entry for the ( movement ) comp. Well done great photos :good:

  2. flowerpotlynn says:

    Some stunning shots Anne, what a lovely village with a river running through it 🙂 Beautiful blossom, we have a willow the other-side of our hedge in what will be our new home :yes: well at least I think thats what the chap selling it said it was :unsure:

    • gertie says:

      Thank you Lynn, and how brilliant…..I do so love willow trees. In fact, let’s face it, I love trees all :yes: Have seen loads of gorgeous, gnarled old tree stumps around here too. Wish I could do what Allan does, and turn them into woody art works :yahoo:

  3. gertie says:

    😆 Always miles behind, me :rake: ennit Dixon 😉 they do strike me as rather indicative of Spring too :unsure: :rose:

  4. Bill says:

    Great photos as ever Ann…… je aime la ligne de lavage, I think 😆

  5. Beanstew says:

    These wonderful photos bring hope to our chilled British hearts, although I did see a lot of that very delicate cherry blossom that opens on bare dark branches in Glasgow today – and a very welcome sight it was too.

  6. gertie says:

    :rose: It is so pretty isn’t it Sheila. I love the countryside here, well most places to be fair, but a lot of what makes our wild gardens … ie countryside … so pretty, is the intervention of Mankind ….. farmers, gardeners, town planners and the like. I will get a picture tomorrow of that delicate, white blossom in the local hedgerows. :yes:

  7. mick1970 says:

    Stunning anne love the blue skies and the ducks ..our 3 ducks have arrived come to the door 3 times aday and been coming for 3 years every spring :rose:

  8. gertie says:

    Oh Mick, how lovely to have friendly ducks that virtually live with you. :heart:
    Thank you for your comments. :rose:
    I love the skies too :yahoo:

  9. shedsue says:

    Lovely Anne…that will be our gardens in a few weeks hopefully :good:

  10. gertie says:

    Yeah Susie :yahoo: love to Shedted :heart:

  11. VegVamp says:

    Beautiful Anne your photos have lifted my spirits after a dreadfully wild night. Thank you. :rose:

  12. gertie says:

    Bless you Karen, what a lovely thing to say. HALD :rose:

  13. Allan says:

    Ditto all the above Anne, Beautiful set of photos, :yes: :rose:

  14. gertie says:

    Thank you Allan, Bora da….HAGO :rose:

  15. NorthernTeacher says:

    Lovely Anne 🙂 must check my forsythia later :whistle:

  16. gertie says:

    Thanks Jane…is it out yet? :rose:

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