I don’t usually write blogs but…

Once upon a time, Jane didn’t have a pond.


But as you can see, she does now!

And this is her favourite pond site:


Ill finish this later, so I’ll save as a draft.

I’ve come back to finish it but I see my pic has aligned itself to the left! I’ll add another pic and centre it and then publish to see what happens.

Bank and sedge

The bank and sedge pic is centred before publishing.

4 Responses

  1. NorthernTeacher says:

    Good! and the link works and opens in a new tab as I wanted 🙂

  2. SIMON says:

    Now all Jane needs is lots of rain for her pond and……..OH !!…Hang on a mo…!!
    Not THAT much rain !! think it can stop now….I blame a certain north eastern person for digging a pond :smileylol:

  3. NorthernTeacher says:

    Hello Simon 🙂 pond is full and a magpie was even having a bath in it earlier :test7: – I like the weather emoticons :smiley:

  4. SIMON says:

    Indeed…there going to come in handy with all the variable sorts we are getting !
    I believe there are more planed and I’m having a thunk as to a request for one or two.

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